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Guide to Mount Rwenzori will provide you with information on how to get there, attractions, activities and the best time to visit.

The guide to hiking mount Rwenzori will show you the attractions, activities, how to get to the mountain and where to stay.

Is climbing the third roof of Africa on your bucket list! If yes then here is a guide to hiking Mount Rwenzori in Uganda.

This guide to hiking Mount Rwenzori will show you the spectacular views of the glacial lakes, waterfalls and different wildlife and bird species.

History of Rwenzori

Mountain Rwenzori is 994 square kilometres and is found in two countries in Africa. These include; Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Cong (DRC).

The Rwenzori mountains are also known as the mountains of the moon a name acquired in AD 150.

This name was given by Alexandrine Geographer Ptolemy on its first sight of the snowcapped mountain.

To the local community, the Rwenzori mean cloud king or rainmaker.

What makes the Rwenzori unique is that it has three peaks that are across the equator an imaginary line crossing the globe.

These peaks include; Mount Baker, Mount Stanley and Mount Speke.

The three peaks are full-time covered with snow giving the Rwenzori beautiful scenic views.

The three (3) main reasons you should visit mountain Rwenzori;

  • It was voted among the best climbers of the world by National Geographic.
  • It’s a UNESCO world heritage site since 1994
  • Hiking Rwenzori Mountain is both for beginners and experienced climbers since it done in phases.

How to get to Rwenzori Mountain

By Road

The park is located in western Uganda and is accessible through two routes by road.

The Kampala-Fort portal -Kasese Road highway will take you 375km kilometres and approximately 5-7 hours and it’s the shortest route.

The Mbarara-Kasese highway is approximately 450 Kilometers and a longer route to use since it’s 8-9 hours.

However, this route will take you to see two destinations in Uganda so long as you lengthen your stay.

This is Lake Mburo and Queen Elizabeth national park.

 By Air

There are scheduled flights to Kasese town from Entebbe International Airport through the Aero link.

Also, Bar Aviation a new entrant in the market also has started chartering flights from Kajjansi Airfield.


Attractions in Mountain Rwenzori National Park


The park boasts of 70 species of mammals which include; From primates like Chimpanzees, black & white colobus monkey, Angola Colobus and Blue monkey.

Others like Giant Forest Hog, Bushbucks, Elephants, Rwenzori Otter, Leopard and Duikers.


Birders will enjoy sights of the 19-bird species found in the Albertine Rift valley corridor.

In total the Rwenzori’s have 177 bird species which include both forest and montane birds.

These include; Bee eater, White starred robin, Rwenzori Turaco, Cinnamon chested, Golden winged sunbird, Archer’s robin chat, slender billed starling, Lag den’s Bush strike and long-eared owl

Lakes, Rivers and Dams

The Rwenzori mountains have 20 lakes each with unique scenic views and stories surrounding them.

The most accessible of them all is lake Mahoma and Lake Bajuku in the valleys of three peaks that is mt Baker, Mt Speke and Mt Stanley.

Eight beautiful lakes found on Nyamwamba trail and Lake Kitandara created a filament.

What to carry for mountain climbing?

  • Plastic bags for wet clothes
  • Pack enough snacks to last you for the days spent on the summit
  • Sleeping bags
  • Raincoat
  • Warm clothes
  • Waterproof trousers

Where to stay while on a mountain Rwenzori Safari

  • Rwenzori trekkers
  • Raboni Camp

Safari activities you should do on Mountain Rwenzori

The guide to mount Rwenzori will detail the below activities that one can participate in during a safari. These will include the below;

Mountain climbing or Hiking

Climbing the Rwenzori is one of the most exciting yet frightening experiences that one goes through.

As they descend in the high altitudes from 1000 – 5109 altitudes above the sea. Enjoy scenic views of plants, trees, lakes and the snow peaks on the bright side.

However, this may turn out to also be terrifying due to altitude sickness, especially above 2500 meters.

This sometimes occurs due to fitness, age and former hiking challenges faced. We advise all our climbers or hikers to always take lower altitude descends.

To enjoy your hike, you need to prepare even for the more experienced climbers.

The terrain of the Rwenzori is more challenging coupled with slippery trails and raining at any time.

Always carry comfortable & warm clothes and hiking shoes as well as sleeping bags.

The hikes are both for beginners and skilled climbers ranging from 1 day to 10 days summit.

The seven days summit is more popular and starts from zero meters to 4267 altitudes.

This hiking route is six days and seven days summit from Kilembe base camp through the valley of Nyamwamba waterfall.

This hike will last 6 days to reach the top peak of Weismann’s and don’t worry accommodation in huts is always available.

Climbers’ summits can start from any point or trail like in Kasese town from Kilembe trail and Nyakalengija trail.

From Fort portal town from Kazingo trail through the foothills of Rwenzori through spectacular scenery and bird spots.


This is also a combination of two that is bird watching and climbing the Rwenzori mountains.

Enjoy sights and bird calls of over 117 bird species and be one of the lucky ones to see the 17 endemic species to this park.

Nature walks and community cultural encounters

These are provided by the local communities into the national park on the slopes of Mount Rwenzori.

Your guide will meet and greet then brief you about what the nature walk will entail or include.

You will take the river Mubuku trail where you will enjoy the spectacular views of Mt Bakers peak.

This route will offer you extra scenic views of the snow-capped peaks that are Stanley and Speke.

On top of this sights of wildlife interacting with one another. You will see Chameleons, Squirrels, vervet monkeys, forest elephants, bush duikers and birdlife.

Enjoy community cultural encounters as you take a trail on the foothills of the Rwenzori as you watch out for sights of the Bakonzo people.

They will be viewed gardening and taking care of their cattle, food preparation.

Visit traditional healers in the village, blacksmith and just watch or participate in handcraft weaving.

Further, you will enjoy entertainment from the Bakonzo culture from folk songs, dances and storytelling.

The Bakonzo cultural site is another attraction and activity that you should participate in. This trail will take seven hours enriching yourself with the history of these people 

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