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A Ugandan registered tours and safaris operator.

African Safaris, Gorilla Tours and Family Holidays!

After working your way to up Mallow’s hierarchy of human needs, you need to get away from the daily hustle and bustle, the noise, the usual sites and sounds and just get to a land far far away where little or nothing is known about you or your life style. Africa is that place that represents the beginnings of mankind where people can connect to their origins and conjure the meaning of life. It’s your choice too, that’s why you’re here. Right?

Well, let me be the one to verify your concerns: you are definitely in the right place. East Africa, where we operate, has that feel that so many travelers yarn to experience. The human origins, the natural world setting, massive water areas and the longest water streams, snow capped mountains, animal species that your soul when seen, people and the myriad rich cultures that have not yet left the continent.

Forever Africa Safari want to give you all the African safari experience because we have so much to give. We want to give you memories and experiences you’ll not find anywhere else out of the African continent. We feel alive when we travel with people we’ve never met before because we get to experience their souls when they live in our world for the first time. We love Africa, you will too! You can also find us on Safari Booking

The Team


Martha Nansamba

Founder, Director
Senior Travel Consultant

Forever Africa Safari

Eva Nanono
Senior Consultant

Forever Africa Safari

Diana Kentalo
Senior Consultant

Forever Africa Safari

Badru Mugisha
Transport Manager

Forever Africa Safaris Senior guide

Ivan Ssemwogerere
Senior Guide

Forever Africa Safaris Guides

Simon Kiberu
Senior Guide

What We Offer You

We operate in the East African zone (Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania). One of the rarest African Safaris experience is the hike into the mountain jungles to see the mountain gorillas. Our trips get you into the Africa gorilla lands (dubbed Wakanda lank in the ‘Dark Panther’ Hollywood hit movie) and give you that rare moment with the largest primate to walk this earth before it’s extinct.

Our trips are all inclusive: we take care of all the ground work so that you can concentrate on having a great experience. We process the park entry permits, gorilla permit, book the right safari lodge based on your choice, transfers between destinations are taken care of, your meals are organised for and every nitty gritty you need to have a fun filled African safari.

Our expert consultants are always available to assist you planning, transferring between destination and in any emergency you may find when travelling with us.

We are passionate about what we do and we hope you’re passionate about experiencing Africa because with both of us in the same state of mind, you have the right partner your Africa safari experience.

Financial Protection

We have membership with with travel bodies like AUTO, UWA, RTB and UTB to watch if we actually do what we say we do. They’re are there to protect your interest and make sure you get what you pay for.

In case of any misunderstanding, the licensing bodies are there to prevent and resolve any discrepancies.

Responsible Travel


“The societies of East Africa are blessed with nature, that’s the much they can offer to any one that comes to visit. But most of these societies where safaris and tours go through are back on the modern development curve. It would be really unfair to come, take you on a tour, trip from the little these poor people have, enjoy their things and head on back home. It gives me tears to even think about that.” ~ Martha Nansamba (Founder)

africa safaris responsible travel giving back
africa safaris responsible travel giving back

We endeavor to give back to the societies we take our travelers to by giving part of your travel fee to organised groups in these unprivileged areas. We employ local guides that come from those societies. We take our traveler to experience and have a feel of the cultures that surround the destinations they yarn to visit.

And we also encourage our visitors to buy some of the good and services offered by the poor societies like Art & Crafts, porter services and story telling services.

So travel with us knowing we’ll connect you to a path of giving back to societies that need our help and that is what humanism is about.

What an incredible day tour. Martha and Michael were a great team! It was a privilege to be taken to the spot where the Nile starts. We learnt so much and really enjoyed the boat ride and was amazed at the variety of wildlife. We stopped at a fascinating waterfall on the way too; everything was included. Lunch was a real highlight. We sat on the banks of the Nile and a truly EXCEPTIONAL lunch was provided. We chose freshly cooked whole Tilapia, straight from the Lake! We could have stayed there forever! Totally recommended. Martha has just started this company and you are helping a local Ugandan by choosing her and because she's new...I felt she worked harder than anyone else for our benefit. 10/10
Hanifa C
Hanifa C
It was such an amazing trip by Forever Africa Safari and my guide Martha's hospitality was at 100%. She ensured everything as per my itinerary was done without any challenge. I was on an 8 day trip with the highlight of seeing the Gorillas, the accommodation was excellent at Bird nest,primate lodge. She is knowledgeable, a great conversationalist, and she truly ensures the guest’s enjoyment of the adventure is without a single worry. I felt absolutely safe during my trip, both in the wild and while traveling. Kudos Martha
We were picked up on time and reached Jinja source of the Nile, went quad biking and visited sezibwa falls in one day
We booked the 1 day Jinja trip with them and the team was welcoming. Kudos for Martha and Micheal who guided us on this trip. We set off for Jinja in the morning moving away from the city as we passed through the sugarcane plantations then arrived at our first destination the falls in sezibwa. It was fascinating when we went on top of the falls, this was rewarding. Later we proceeded to Jinja passing the Nile bridge to the source of River Nile where we took about ride to the point of the source as we did bird watching. I commend Forever Africa for the great hospitality extended to me and my husband