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Murchison Falls National Park guide will show attractions, activities, where to stay and the best time to visit.

Murchison falls national park offers spectacular wildlife viewing of the big 5 and the powerful Murchison falls are the highlights of your safari.

The hike to the devil’s cauldron where the Victoria Nile water passes through a narrow gorge 7meters at a very high speed is the most amazing and memorable experience you will always remember on your safari.

The park is surrounded by two wildlife reserves with different wildlife attractions like Budongo Forest for Chimpanzee Tracking and Bugungu Wildlife reserve

How to get to Murchison Falls National Park?

The park is approximately 350 km from Kampala city and 280 km from Fort portal; below are the different transportation ways.

By Road

This is the most common type of transportation to the park and it will take you approximately 4-5hrs from Kampala city via Masindi road.

The second connection route is from Fortportal it’s 280 km and takes approximately 6 hours to get there.

The roads are in good condition but as you get closer to the park, the roads are Marram and you may experience the African Massage.

We recommend you use a 4×4 Vehicle and this ranges from Us dollars $200-$350 per day minus drivers’ allowance.

By Air

The air transportation is operated by a few companies that are Aero link and fly Uganda.

There is always 1 flight that takes 1hour to Murchison falls N.P from Entebbe international airport from 12:00 pm- 13:00 pm by Aero link to Pakuba, Bugungu and Chobe.

With the three Airstrips, tourists should prepare for the stopovers as other passengers disembark till the last stop.

Air transport fees depend on whether you are using a scheduled craft or chartering one for your group.

What to do or Attraction in Murchison Falls National Park

The equatorial climate in Murchison falls N.P has blessed it with quite a number of attractions from wildlife to waterfalls that are all found in one place.

  • Murchison Falls

This is one of the most powerful falls in the world where the river Nile waters squeeze in a narrow gorge that is 7meters downwards.

Tourists have spots to enjoy the view of the falls and the first option is through boat launches that are scheduled in the morning at 09:00 am and in the Afternoon at 2 pm every day.

The boat rides to the falls cost $30 per person but this can change if the minimum number isn’t meant.

Guests are dropped off to participate in a hike to where the falls start from and also get a great view of the Uhuru falls.

This hike will take you approximately 1 hour and once you reach the top it will be rewarding to seeing the devil’s cauldron.

The top also can be accessed on your way to the park or your guide can drive you there.

  • Wildlife highlights

The park is home to 4 of the Big Five of Africa (Lions, Buffalos, Leopards and elephants) alongside other wildlife.

The park has volumes of the Uganda Kobs, Jackson’s Hartebeest, Oribi, duikers, waterbucks, crocodiles & Hippos in Lake Victoria and Rothchild giraffes that are seen at a distance.

Games drives offer tourists incredible sights for wildlife and they start at 6:30 am (morning), 3 pm (Afternoon) and 6:30 pm (Night drive) every day.

A hot air balloon safari is great for those on honeymoon, adrenaline Junkies or those on a once in a lifetime adventure.

While up there you get to view the general scenic beauty of Murchison falls, hidden animals, Lake Albert and the Victoria Nile climax it with a bush breakfast.

The activity takes place on the side of Paraa and we advise guests who wish to participate in the activity to stay in accommodations on that side.

The activity costs $380 per person with a capacity of 10 people, starting at 06:30 am- 08:30 am and permits a minimum age of 10 years to participate.

  • Birdwatching

Murchison falls N.P is one of the places in Uganda to see the rare Shoebill stork on a boat ride towards Lake Albert.

The park boasts of over 450 bird species both forested and water birds as well as the Migratory European birds during certain seasons.

Please note that migratory birds are only present from November to April.

Best time to visit

The time of visit varies depending on the season that’s wet or dry, however, Murchison falls N.P is open for gorilla tracking all year long.

The best months to see volumes of wildlife is December- February and June- September.

The best time for birdwatching is March- September and Migratory bird watching in November-April.

The wet seasons are March, April, May and November with higher rains that cause delays due to passable roads and wildlife encounters.

However, due to global warming, there has been a change in the rainfall patterns therefore this can change year after year.

Where to stay in Murchison Falls National Park

There are a number of places to stay while on your Murchison falls N.P trip which ranges from Budget, Midrange to Luxury accommodation.

Budget accommodation ranges from $30-$150, Midrange from $200- $250 and Luxury from $300-$1000.


  • Bakers Lodge
  • Chobe Safari Lodge


  • Paraa Safari Lodge
  • Fort Murchison (cottages)
  • Murchison River Lodge (cottages)
  • Sambiya River Lodge
  • Bwana Tembo Safari Camp
  • Nile Safari Lodge
  • Twiga Safari Lodge
  • Pakuba Lodge


  • Fort Murchison (tented camp)
  • Murchison River Lodge (tented camp)
  • UWA dormitories
  • Red chilli Rest camp
  • Murchison Tree House

For your planning purposes, you can visit the park for two (2) or multiple days depending on your budget.

We recommend that you combine this tour with other classical places in Uganda like Kidepo, Kibale forest N.P, Zziwa Rhino sanctuary, Budongo forest for chimpanzee tracking, Bugungu wildlife reserve, Jinja tour, Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Queen Elizabeth, Sipi falls, Sezibwa falls.

Furthermore, cross border safaris can be added in Rwanda like Akagera, Nyungwe, Kivu and Volcanoes N.P.

In Kenya don’t forget to add on the Masai Mara for the wildebeest and Amboseli for the big five. These combinations will just add a slice to your safari as you touch each of the EastAfrican countries.

In conclusion, Murchison falls N.P will offer you a chance to view volumes of wildlife, the 4 big five and 1 left in Zziwa Rhino sanctuary on top of this visiting man’s closest relative the Chimpanzee in Budongo all spicing up your safari in Uganda.

Furthermore, it combines well with other safaris in EastAfrican that is Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya.

Forever Africa Safari offers a variety of gorilla trekking safari options at unbeatable rates. Contact us for the best rates at or call us /WhatsApp us +256 772 221 880 to start planning your safari/tour today!

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