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Karibuni kwa Kenya (welcome to Kenya) where magic begins. Kenya drives its destination name Magical Kenya from the varsity wildlife and beauty it offers to all its tourists.

Kenya is located in the Eastern part of Africa with a population of 47.6 million people with its capital city and largest town Nairobi. An African Safari in Kenya will take you on a journey to experience the great annual wildebeest migration, the big cats (lion, leopard, cheetah) in its parks. These range from a visit to the classic parks of Masai Mara, Amboseli, Aberdare and Tsovo East & West. Encounter the different authentic cultures of the Kenya people from Masai to the Sambura people. Kenya is a destination we recommend for first timers on a safari.


Kenya is located in on the African continent on the Eastern part and can be accessed from different parts of the world. Below are the different ways you can reach Kenya. As an air hub in Africa, Nairobi is connected to over 20 destinations daily through Kenya Airways and arrival destination for most tourists.

By Air

Kenya is accessed by a number of international airlines from the rest of the world through it’s three international airports; Jomo Kenyatta international Airport (Nairobi), Moi International Airport (Mombasa) and Moi International Airport (Eldoret). The Airlines that fly to Kenya’s airports or serve the East African route as shown bellow;

Europe (daily flights from Zurich, London and Amsterdam)

  • KLM Royal Duchess
  • Emirates Airlines
  • Kenya Airways
  • Qatar Air

United States of America or North America (Daily flights from New York and JF Kennedy via either Dubai, Amsterdam, Zurich and London)

  • KLM Royal Duchess
  • Emirates Airlines
  • Kenya Airways
  • Qatar Air
  • Swiss Air

Far East, Asia and Australia (Daily flights from Mumbai, Bangkok, China- Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai). These airlines have connection flights via Dubai, Doha and Singapore.

  • Air India
  • Emirates Airlines
  • Kenya Airways
  • Qatar Air

Domestic Flights; These offer faster transport to the National parks and surrounding areas through Wilson Air strip.

  • Air Kenya
  • Safarilink
  • Mombasa Air
  • Kenya Airways
  • Fly540

By Road

Kenya is accessed by road through use of bus operating companies coming from different parts of Africa. These buses also operate in the capital cities of these countries that is Uganda – Kampala, Somali- Mogadishu, Tanzania – Dare Salam & Arusha, Ethiopia- Addis Ababa and Sudan- Khartoum. Immigration is always processed at the boarder stations and always consult with your Tour Agent or Tour operator.

By Sea

Mombasa the oldest town of Kenya is one of the most exciting and exotic places in the world. The port at Mombasa receives a huge number of cruise liners on holiday or business to East Africa. The ferries at the sea are used to transfer the tourist vehicles from the north pole to the southern pole that offers that most exciting and relaxing beach life in Kenya. This connects you the breath-taking coastal beaches, swimming with dolphins at Wasin island.

Entry Into Kenya Requirements


To be permitted entry to Kenya, you will be required to have a valid passport with at least 6 months to expiry date and a one empty page.


You will need a visa to be permitted entry into Kenya. Check your consulate for lates valid information about your visa to Kenya. There are two visa types to choose from that is a single-entry visa to Kenya at $50 or an East African Visa for multiple entry to Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda at $100. The process of application of the Kenya visa is either online or on arrival at the Airport. Please note that your yellow fever certificate will be required during the application process.


Kenya is a perfect family holiday destination with so many activities to keep every family member vacationed


masai mara lions

Masai Mara National Reserve

The Masai Mara is one of Africa’s most famous parks. The wildlife viewing is superb throughout the year. The grassy plains and regular rainfall supports a huge population of herbivores, in turn attracting many predators. The yearly wildebeest migration coming through the park is one of the world’s most amazing wildlife spectacles.

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lake nakuru

Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru is among Kenya’s finest national parks. Flanked by rocky escarpments, pockets of acacia forest and at least one waterfall, the park is gorgeous year-round and is home to both black and white rhinos, lions, leopards, hippos and endangered Rothschild’s giraffes.

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samburu national park

Samburu National Park

Palm groves and riverine forests, in the midst of arid and semi arid ecosystems, create the magnificent landscape of the Samburu National Reserve. This vast expanse of remote pristine wilderness is inhabited by iconic wildlife and a tranquil ambiance blankets this wildlife haven.

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Family safari amboseli national park

Amboseli National Park

It’s known for its large elephant herds and views of immense Mount Kilimanjaro, across the border in Tanzania. Observation Hill offers panoramas of the peak and the park’s plains and swamps. Varied wildlife includes giraffes, zebras, cheetahs and hundreds of bird species. The western section is dominated by vast Lake Amboseli, which is dry outside the rainy season.

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aberdare national park

Aberdare National Park

The Aberdares are an isolated volcanic range that forms the eastern wall of the rift valley, running about 100 Km north south between Nairobi and Thompsons Falls. This beautifully scenic region is much cooler than the savannahs and offers a completely different perspective on the country. The national park lies mainly above the tree line. The scenery is spectacular.

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lake naivasha national park

Lake Naivasha

Hugged by grassy banks and shingled with cacti and sand olive trees, the Rift Valley’s highest lake (at 1884m above sea level) extends like a vast, sunlit sea. But there’s more to this spot than the lovely blue lake. You can ride among giraffes and zebras, sip on a glass of Rift Valley red, look for hippos on the lake and relax in the garden at Elsamere, the former home of late Born Free personality Joy Adamson.

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What to do on a Kenya safari?

Kenya’s climate attracts a huge number of wildlife that offers excellent game viewing from the big cats to the big mammals to the water life. Kenya’s attractions or what to see in Kenya is mainly found in its Game reserves and the coastal beach life. Below are the attractions you can see during your safari;

Wildebeest Migration

This is one of the most amazing experience to see during your safari as the wildebeests, Zebras and Gazelles protect their lives from the predators of river Mara in search for greener land on the Serengeti National park area. This happens from July to October every year on both sides.

Savanna Wildlife Gems

Kenya is blessed with volumes of wildlife from it’s game reserves as well as National Parks. The Masai Mara wild cats’ encounters, the white Rhinos in Nakuru, the man eaters of Tsavo (Lions) and the splendid scenic beauty of Mount Kilimanjaro at Amboseli National park.

You shouldn’t miss out on the unique wildlife in Samburu National Park of the Grevy Zebra’s and the reticulated giraffes will spice up your tour. The best time to view the volumes of wildlife is during the dry months of December – March and June-October. The wildlife viewing is done during game drives at start from as early as 6:30am – 10 am in the morning and 4pm- 6:30 pm. This can be spiced up the hot air balloon safari in either Masai Mara or Amboseli national park.


Kenya is the one of the best birding destinations in Africa and the world at Large with over 1,100 recorded bird species. The common birds found in East Africa will be are found in Masai Mara and Amboseli National park. The millions of flamingoes found in Lake Nakuru and huge numbers of water birds at lake Bogoria. You will not regret your birding trip while in Kenya since our safari experts will advise you on the best time to search for a specific bird. Bird watching in Kenya can be done all year round but it’s at it peaks in September- April when the migratory and Northern African birds are present.

Best time to visit kenya - the migration

Best Time To Visit Kenya

You can visit Kenya throughout the year on safari but if you are interested in the great wildebeest migration through the Mara River then July — October is the best time.

During this time, you will witness the struggle along the Mara river as the predators eat the life out of the beasts. Always ensure you have your own transportation during your safari to ensure you are comfortable and book in time.

amboseli National Park Safari

The Best Kenya Safaris Circuits

There’s a lot to see during your vacation in Kenya and you need a local African Safaris company to take you through all the spots so that you don’t miss out on any of the amazing and memorable experiences. Your budget will dictate on how much time you spend in magical Kenya and transverse the different attractions it has to offer. If you are someone who loves the wilderness, Kenya is the best place to realize your dream of an African vacation. For a safari you may choose from game drives, beach holiday, cultural tours or even flight safaris to mention but a few. However, your safari planner will help you choose which type of destinations to visit as per your desire.

Kenya safaris are divided into three circuits as per below;

South East Circuit

This circuit offers you the best connection to the beach safaris in Mombasa, Watamu and Lamu.

  • Tsavo East and West park is the largest of all the parks in Kenya with huge volumes of wildlife due to the combination of Savanah and semi desert vegetation. The park is known for huge numbers of lions and that’s where it derives the name Man eaters of Tsavo. A trip to this park should be at least 2-3 days to be in position to explore the entire park.
  • Amboseli National park is one of the most popular parks in Kenya with magnificent views of Mt Kilimanjaro that offer beautiful sights of elephants and other wildlife.

Extension addons to this circuit

  • Masai Mara for the wildebeest
  • Beach life in Mombasa at Diani, Lamu and Nyali

South Western Circuit

This is the most popular of all circuits where safaris in Kenya begin

  • Masai Mara game reserve is Kenya’s selling point for all safari and famed for the encounters of the big cats and wildebeest migration that happens every year. We recommend a safari of 2-4 days to enable you explore the parks scenic beauty.
  • Lake Nakuru National Park which is famous for the millions of flamingoes, white and black northern Rhinos’. A safari in this destination we recommend a 1- or 2-days visit depending on your budget.

Extension addons to this circuit

  • Amboseli National park
  • Hell’s gate and Lake Naivasha for walking safaris
  • Lake Bogoria for flamingo extravaganza

Central and Northern Circuit

Located in the remote part of Kenya and offers a game views of unique wildlife

  • Aberdare National park with unique wildlife viewing and tree top hotels as well as Noah’s ark giving the park that topnotch look. Safaris in this area will take 1- 2 days to explore the park
  • Samburu and Buffalo Springs National Park The reserve is one of those in Kenya with an abundance of rare species of the gravy zebras, Reticulated giraffe and Beisa Oryx (Samburu special). Safaris in this area will take 2- 3 days to explore the park
  • Laikipia Plateau offers great views of the endangered White and Black Rhinos in this area. We recommend a safari of 2-3 days to have a great time in the destination.

Extension addons to this circuit

  • Masai Mara for the wildebeest
  • Mount Elgon for hiking and mountain climbing

One can also book a combined safari with other countries in East Africa as an addon of gorilla trekking and chimpanzee trekking in Uganda and meet man’s closest relatives as well as cousins. Also, on top of that Tanzania and Rwanda safaris. Kenya will always offer you lasting memories from wildlife safaris, beach holidays, group, romantic, honeymoon, family tours all in one.


Forever Africa Safari offers a variety of safari options in Kenya at unbeatable rates. Contact us for the best rates at or call us /WhatsApp us +256 772 221 880 to start planning your safari / tour today!


Karibuni kwa Kenya Safaris! Let’s first take a look at some our most requested Kenya safaris adventures. Ask our Africa safaris experts to help you plan your holiday.

3 Day Africa Safari in Masai Mara

3 Day Africa Safari in Masai Mara

Your chance to follow the greatest animal spectacle in the world, the great migration, for just a day and meet Kenya’s big, ferocious and mighty African wild animals.

Safari Type: Custom Made
For Who: Family Safari
Start/End: Nairobi, Kenya

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6 Day Kenya Camping Safari

6 Day Kenya Camping Safari

Visiting three of Kenya’s classic savanna game parks that is the Masai Mara for the wildebeest, view Nakuru Flamingoes and the Big five in one place.

Safari Type: Custom Made
For Who: Family Safari
Start/End: Nairobi, Kenya

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7 Day Highlights of Kenya & Tanzania Safari

7 Day Highlights of Kenya & Tanzania

This family african safari takes you from Nairobi to Amboseli, lake Manyara and ends in Serengeti NP sweeping along the African holiday excitement.

Safari Type: Custom Made
For Who: Family Safari
Start/End: Nairobi/Arusha

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14 Days African Savanna Experience Safari (Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda)

14 Days African Savanna Experience Safari

From the golden savanna plains of Kenya and Tanzania to the mountain rainforest jungles of Uganda, this is the true African safari.

Safari Type: Custom Made
For Who: Great for groups
Start/End: Nairobi/Entebbe

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